A containment breach was declared aboard Installation 14 of the Axiom Orbital Research Station. As part of the emergency procedure, the breached module was detached from the space station, and it has crashed on a remote island in the Arctic Ocean.

An elite Special Response agent, codenamed Specter 8, has been dispatched instantly by high-altitude parachuting to assess the situation locally while Special Response squads mobilize for a full sector sweep.

Operator Morpho will provide intel and advice to Specter 8 for the whole duration of the mission.

The use of headphones is recommended for immersion.

Click here to play the first 10-103

Note : This game uses police 10-codes but its knowledge is unnecessary for the experience.


  • Left and Right arrows to move
  • Down while moving to roll
  • Shift to run
  • Tab to use the radio
  • Space to shoot
  • R to reload
  • to interact with environment


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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(180 total ratings)
GenreAction, Interactive Fiction
Made withUnity, Audacity, GIMP
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Horror, Narrative, Sci-fi, Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


103NK_Win_1.0.1.zip 31 MB

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I loved the fuck outta this game please make more games wirth Spector 8 hes bad ass also i beat the game just to realize i could run lmao im alittle annoyed but was fun af please give mor

played it again and managed to nail the UT with orbital very fast rods in record time, godbless sprint and roll.

A even better (and baller) way to do it is by baiting the UT's attack while it's standing on the flare but this is best used in Phase 1 or 2 as the extensive amounts of mobs during Phase 3 means it's hard to time the dodge and better to rely on volume of fire to smack it

very good game

(1 edit) (+1)

Specter 8 is veteran soldier.

Spector 8 would beat Master Chief in an Arm wrestling match

I love this game, it's so fun

good game


Try pressing Tab near the succubus poster.

waiting for the third game

i played the first oe  i guess the is the second lets go


Prettty much good game. This Level 5 UT was easy to terminate.

There is a possibility that there will be a sequel to this game in the future.

I remember playing this one 2 years ago, I still like it

I was very pleasantly surprised to know, that the game is set in 1984-ish setting, bc games which are set in a dystpian universe AND include masked soldiers, spewing distorted radio chatter... well these games are my personal soft spot.

I really liked the gameplay improvements in this part, and am looking forward for more adventures of this charesmatic and brave enforser.

Please, release more!


I really love this series of games,art style,story,and gameplay is really dope,i like how in this game you dont just shoot enemies,you should dodge thier attack and then shoot,the final fight was pretty intense,and the ending was very heartwarming,and emotionally strong,5\5

This game also slaps.

keep on thinking space is dodge but good game


me when the massive black scp starts following me outside with intent to kill me and i am given access to orbital strike

Awesome game

Very cool game. Flashing, shaking and snow hurt my eyes sometimes.


Really liked the game's aesthetic, and how dryly cut/detached a lot of the commentary is (eg. something that looks horrible and just came into existence has a terminology,) reminds me a lot of the SCP Foundation and HL2's Combine. 5/5 stars, would play again.

(Also I ripped some assets from the game just to *try* to make the Axiom Research Station pre-incident, not sure if that's alright with you)


He is not getting paid enough for this




i beat it 

i rate 11 out of 10

can u make space do jump and left click to shoot plz?

im going to beat the game by only rolling

I love your games but when the dog shows up it gets so laggy that I cant dodge :((((



Computer code: Alphawhole



i cummed on the snow 


bro what




Please make more of these games. This is the best game I've ever seen on Itch. You are an amazing developer, and you've got one hell of a brain.

(1 edit) (+2)

I love how you added lore to why tf did the first game had an AR with infinite ammo, very funny how that FORGE prototype is actually usefull lol

I got this information via the PC you find at the room you get before leaving the facility (code alphawhole btw), lots of lore, extremelly awesome

Pls add more into Specter 8 story, this man is freaking GOD




Great game with a nice ambiance, loved the "report" thing . A good example on how graphics don't make a good game , well done.

016, don't cause unnecessary disturbances or it will happen to earth, nukes place, so does that mean...we all have been blown to kingdom come?

Deleted post


whats the computer password?

Computer Password: alphawhole

How do u find it tho?

Oh nevermind i found it

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