A containment breach was declared aboard Installation 14 of the Axiom Orbital Research Station. As part of the emergency procedure, the breached module was detached from the space station, and it has crashed on a remote island in the Arctic Ocean.

An elite Special Response agent, codenamed Specter 8, has been dispatched instantly by high-altitude parachuting to assess the situation locally while Special Response squads mobilize for a full sector sweep.

Operator Morpho will provide intel and advice to Specter 8 for the whole duration of the mission.

The use of headphones is recommended for immersion.

Click here to play the first 10-103

Note : This game uses police 10-codes but its knowledge is unnecessary for the experience.


  • Left and Right arrows to move
  • Down while moving to roll
  • Shift to run
  • Tab to use the radio
  • Space to shoot
  • R to reload
  • to interact with environment


Here is the full list of attributions. 


103NK_Win_1.0.1.zip 31 MB

Development log


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Please make more of these games. This is the best game I've ever seen on Itch. You are an amazing developer, and you've got one hell of a brain.

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I love how you added lore to why tf did the first game had an AR with infinite ammo, very funny how that FORGE prototype is actually usefull lol

I got this information via the PC you find at the room you get before leaving the facility (code alphawhole btw), lots of lore, extremelly awesome

Pls add more into Specter 8 story, this man is freaking GOD




Great game with a nice ambiance, loved the "report" thing . A good example on how graphics don't make a good game , well done.

016, don't cause unnecessary disturbances or it will happen to earth, nukes place, so does that mean...we all have been blown to kingdom come?

The game is great, atmospheric, and I love the gameplay. Unfortunately, when I was fighting using flares, I got an error and the game froze. 


whats the computer password?

Computer Password: alphawhole

How do u find it tho?

Oh nevermind i found it

When i got the flares there was an "exception" error and i had to restart

wow this game is nice I hope more come out soon

ive been searching for this for 2 years because of how much i loved plaing it

my first account got deleted accidentally so i had to re find everything and i couldnt find this but now i have and im happy

very good


I hope you are going to make more. The first 10 103 was awesome, null kelven is even better.

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I Gaussed a necro as soon as popped out of the ground by accident and got and the game crashed. It said something about a Webg exception or something.

game didnt like your overkill lol


i watched a guy play this game on youtube and oh boy this game really gives the universe of SCP a reason to be so much loved, you have the informations and you can do anything with it

and this game is exactly that, it gives you a story around an NTF guy who isn't payed enough for this shit in an after-breach of SCPs then gets on a secret crash site

i love the character Spectre-8 i would really love to see him on the official wiki of SCP and the whole story of his life (maybe he will later get in a unit with other really good NTF?)

keep up the good stuff man we all enjoy what you did and what you do
have a great morning, afternoon or evening

You mean, MTF?

Wait, is it NTF or MTF?


It's MTF! Stands for Mobile Task Force from what I know :]


yes MTF is an acronym for Mobile Task Force :)


NTF is short for Nine Tailed Fox, but that is one group out of all of the MTF Groups

NTF is Nine-Tailed-Fox a team of the Mobile Task Force




These are awesome! Keep it up!

loved it


GG nice game, one of the best SCP-Related

Really nice game!! Do you have any plans of doing more games likes this?

ultra good game for speedrunning

true if you shift + roll ultra speed


This is like your previus game but u made it better nice!!

You also adedd some combat stuff

Played through the whole game.

Love the atmosphere, sounds, and visuals. The music at the start felt a tad over-dramatic since we were just beginning, but I get that you only had royalty free stuff to work with. No actual composer to fit the exact feel you were going for, had to work with what you had. NOT KNOCKING THE GAME THO! It was great! This is just a tiny niggle on an overall amazing game.

One more criticism tho.

How dare u not give me the option to give you a few bucks for this.

Heheh, looking forward to whatever you do next. <3

i beat the game over and over stilll waiting for part 2

yes same 


liked the game, look forward to the next part!!

Why do the first enemies you fight give me SCP 008 vibes?

the whole game reminds me of scp



what do i do with the computer?


i have this question too. what's the password?

idk bro this password still a mistery for me

damn :(

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You can find the password on the posters from the walls. "One goal - alphawhole". 

ugh, as i thought, the password was somewhere on the walls :p

thanks, tho! 

by the way, did you try to type it in? is there something interesting on that computer? (just asking because i've already deleted the game :c )


This game is awesome, please keep going like that, I would to see more information about the monsters or of the facility

I played 10-103 and this game.

And I like these game. thank you so much

Hey! I played 10-103 and 10-103 NULL KELVIN and I think your work is amaizing, keep it up!


you know this game reminded me of SCP, you know this was a pretty awesome game


gonna make me act up

Press Tab in front of that poster

I just noticed. The Forger heavy assault rifle must be the one Spectre-8 used in the first game, as he walk slowly and fire without reload. Here he use maybe suppressed AK pattern rifle, lighter and conventional magazine.

Another great game Nerdspartan. It's good to see Spectre-8 back and with a bit of upgraded kit as well. I really like all of the new mechanics you added plus the new types of enemies to fight. Those damn spear throwers are always getting me.

In the next game, can he have like .45 or 9mm pistol as backup to his primary weapon? He's special operations operator anyway, he's always ready. Awesome game and want to see more of this cool stuff!


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