10-103: NULL KELVIN is out!

10-103: NULL KELVIN is out!

The development was long and tedious, but I’m very glad to have finally finished it. I want to thank everyone who played the first 10-103; your comments and videos were extremely encouraging and really helped me through the arduous journey of developing the sequel!

I really hope you like it and please do share what you thought of it!


103NK_Html5.zip 40 MB
Jun 21, 2021
103NK_Win.zip 31 MB
Jun 21, 2021

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I wish there was a way to play with WASD controls, and maybe it's just a weird bug for me but I can't get past the first enemy because my gun neither reloads, nor shoots at all. otherwise a great game from the graphics to the sound design.

LOVED the first game a lot and hope there will be a continuation of this game.

EDIT: so the WASD thing worked for me in the browser but not in the downloadable version. the shooting was a bug that solved itself after trying like 3-4 times to close the game and open it again. So yeah 20/10 have recommended to most of my friends already :3

thie first games was already great perfectly using a scary athmosphere and clear objective.this one is even greater and excellent than  the previous giving new gameplay options like interact, reload and even roll i honestly think that for a 2D game this is an example to follow im sure it can inspirate some to creat their own short games.

Thank you for making both of these games i had lots of fun and the scary part worked one me wich is good

I've played both of you're games and I love them thank you for makeing the games free

Nerdspartan, i found out people are reuploading your first game on other websites saying free download and stuff.

Thank you for your concern, but with the game being already free, that’s not too much of an issue.

cant even get past the first enemy as shooting it has no visible effect on it and i cant run away


Hi, it’s told you need to dodge his attacks by rolling.

im doing that but the creature just isnt dying

i just watched a video of someone else playing it up to that point and it seems my problem is that the gun just doesnt shoot properly, no bullets like in the video, it just makes the noise of shooting

the issue is on both downloaded versions

also doesnt work on web

That’s worrisome. Are you running the game at low fps?

Normally, the bullets should still hit the enemy even if you can’t see them. Are you sure you have tried to shoot the enemy enough time? It should take about 30 shots or so.

pretty sure i put more than 30 bullets into it

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Hm… what are your frame per second? It’s possible that you shoot slower if they are low.

Otherwise, I think the bullets do work even though you cannot see them (the particles may not show at low fps) but perhaps you tried to shoot when the monster was too far away : the bullets can only hit as far as what you see on the screen.

Please confirm that you did try to shoot a full clip into the enemy while it is on screen. If that fails, I’ll have a look at the code to try and figure out what goes wrong.


That was excellent! Great work! Is it possible to log into the computer near the end?


Thank you sincerely! Yes it is possible: the password is written somewhere in plain sight in the facility :)

Ah right! Thanks for the heads up! Really love this series. Looking forward to Specter 8's next adventure! :)

Of course! And a big thank you for the playthrough videos, they’re very clean and I love reading the comments!