1.0.1 -- Bug fixing update

Tiny update fixing several issues reported by the players

  • Fix game crash when airstriking a necroid during its spawn animation
  • Fix hidden wall allowing the player to proceed without killing instance #2 of Specimen 15
  • Fix geometry gap allowing player to roll past the escape pod
  • Fix computer screen UI scaling
  • Fix typo in a radio transmission
  • Falling accidentally under the map will now kill the player to prevent softlocking
  • Change Morpho’s text color to improve readability
  • Add radio prompt when instance #3 enters building
  • Add roll stamina to prevent spamming roll
  • Allow to roll when idle


103NK_Html5_1.0.1.zip Play in browser
May 27, 2022
103NK_Win_1.0.1.zip 31 MB
May 27, 2022

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