A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This place should not exist.

Find the 6 artifacts scattered in this forsaken land and bring them to the monolith.

Beware, something lurks in the mist.

You are not safe.

  • WASD/ZQSD to move
  • Mouse to look around
  • Left Shift to run
  • Space to show progression
  • Escape to quit

Every level is randomly generated.

EPILEPSY WARNING  : This game contains flashing images.

Credits to staffantan's glitch shader : https://github.com/staffantan/unityglitch


GardenOfEden_Windows.zip 30 MB
GardenOfEden_Mac.zip 32 MB

Development log


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Spooky game!!

Thank you for playing our game! I can see that you had a bit of trouble evading the monster, try paying attention to your surrounding and you might see it :)


Little difficult, stamina was only just enough to survive, the visual effects am sure could bug some people and steer them away from enjoying the game, but I was able to beat it - 

Thank you for playing our game!
Sadly we didn't get a more polished version out in time for you to try. Give it another shot and tell us what you think =)

Played your game in an indie romp video, pleasantly surprised with this. hope you enjoy my video!

your game starts at 7:25!

Thank you so much for playing our game, your video was very funny!

GARDEN OF EDEN is a good interpretation of the Slender-like horror collectathon. I like the surreal, desolate rocky environment, the ominous fog, and the bizarre objects to collect - it was weird and unorthodox and made for a more interesting horror environment compared to the generic forest that these type of games usually take the form of. The burst run mechanic was smartly done too and make avoiding the monster far more interesting. As for the monster - what are we dealing with here? The model for it was a little indiscernible and I felt like I was running from a rock! But the overall modelling of the environment was great and I really dug the atmosphere.

Thanks for submitting this game to the SCREAM JAM! 


Thank you for playing! We are very glad that you liked it and we greatly appreciate your comment. As for the monster, not knowing what it looks like is an intended game design.