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love it, would like another game like this

i had a night mare

this is awsome

To me scary as f///k


Really Nice...

Wow, very entertaining.  

omg that was good ending game

OMG where do i start first off this game is something really for a game that was made in ten days it is really great and intense and scary ish like my heart was pounding at the first time you have to run away man Good job on making this game hope you make more games like this Good job developers and others who helped.

definitely one of the best games ive played it also works on a chromebook which is a definite perk atmosphere was top notch for what it was i hope to see more from the devs

This too good. well done developer...

there's this guy who took your game, reposted it and even request payments to download : 

Thank you for telling me. I reported it and hopefully it will be taken down soon.

Confirmed. It's gone

WOW, i have never played a game like that, im not really into horror, and im not sure if i would call this horror, but i was creeped out and it was very good, nerdspartan you did a very well job and im glad i took the time to play this

INTENSE! I would play a fully fleshed out game.

Me Too!

I might even pay on a patreon if it was set up!

Great game, the way each level becomes more and more unsettling is on point, and using the entities from the beginning to halt you when running added a great sense of urgency. I also appreciate how you utilized the "Fear of the Unknown" to a great extent in this game. Lastly the way you make the player have just enough control to effect whether or not they will make it, but not too much control that they have full control over the situation is something not a lot of people can get right, and the fact that you were able to get it right in a timeframe of 10 days is amazing.

I edited a video of the game and just have to say that watching the game unfold from an audience perspective made it feel like a directed horror movie.

floor 7 is when i get scared :(((((((((((((

i literally get scared leave then come back the next day :P

thats how scary it is 

that's called being addicted 

The game was fun, short, and creepy asf! I love being able to here the heart beat after an encounter with the SCP, the radio when it gets worst and worst the further you go down is nerve wracking (specially when you call for back up). honestly was a lot of fun to play. Dude when the elevator sign came up and I just knew I was "F" . Thank you for putting the time and effort to making this game it really paid off, I can't wait to see what you make next so I can play it. :)

I hope you enjoy the gameplay.

This is terrifying , good work man.

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this game is amazing, but way too difficult. it ruins the game

Pour les Francophones !

First off, you credited each and every sound you used in-game and that is amazing in it's own right. Not many creators/developers do that, especially since most of the songs/sounds commonly used are fair use and non-copyright/creative commons. Secondly, you incorporated actual law enforcement codes into your game which is cool as hell. 

To begin, this is my favorite game submitted to the Scream FM Horror Game Jam. Extended continuation of review is below video ↓

Gameplay begins @ 15:22 🕹️

I don't know much of anything when it comes to the SCP universe so I'm out of the loop but because of this game, I can definitely understand why it is so popular and widespread. Even though the organizations and creatures/entities are fictional, the surreal, clinical, almost noncritical, everyday tone given to the procedures and classifications makes it all seem so real and that's terrifying. I enjoyed reading every poster I came across and the fact that the main character simply walks their own pace for each level makes the whole ordeal more scary and tense yet so exciting. It's like our guy has done this (or trained for this exact moment) a million times before especially with how he communicates with HQ; so reserved, showing barely any emotion or in other words, professional af

I love this game (and want to adopt a Type Xi entity; the multiplying cup sequence was really funny).

The sounds are perfect, especially the garbled radio dialogue which is a stand-out feature.

It's just simple yet complex enough for my tiny brain to enjoy. I go pew-pew


Following to see what comes next!


Thank you so much for the comment, I'm super glad you liked it, it means a lot to me! 

Awesome game!

i'm glad i've found this game, it's awesome; but level 10 was kinda tough :c

how many levels are there? 

i made it to level 9 way too close to making it to level 10

there are 11 levels!!

thank you

I played this game for a 3 random horror games video!

do you watch coryxkenshin?

I do not. Why?

coryxkenshin does that

markiplier and jackscepticeye also do that...

who did they get the idea from?

this was really fun.

code 10-103 means Disturbance. got that from that link, I have yet to try the game yet.

P.S. I was being stupid because I got to level  3 thru the elevator(Including where u start level 3going down the elevator) then I saw the blacked-out guy,(P.S. I didn't try to shoot and I wasn't scared,)and so I pressed tab  while approaching the flare,(this is the stupid part) and so I thought I had bugged the game and missed something, so then I restart, and THAT'S when(even tho I knew the person running on edge of screen would be there)I jumped in my seat and started shooting, and so that's the stupid


could someone pls explain how to beat lvl 10. Im too dumb to do it

I like the game and the horror aspect, when you cant see it

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I really like the entire concept, the gameplay, and how not every piece of in-game and background lore is shoved "in your face", with some existing as environmental story that is uncovered at the player's discretion. I also like how you survive at the end. Horror games that are like "You died at the end. Oh no! Anyway..." are fast becoming a cliché, especially those of the Diabolus ex Machina (Devil from the Machine) variety, the Evil Counterpart of Deus ex Machina. It's very refreshing to actually live for once (Though being jumped by the multiple Type Xi entities masquerading as coffee cups would be a pretty cool event with a 1 in 100 probability of occurring ).

NOTE: Just saw someone with the same idea as me. I don't know why I'm surprised considering how well presented the game is. Anyway.

I found the lore intriguing to such a degree that I went and started a Word document where I'm synthesizing information presented in the game, along with extrapolating lore regarding the larger AEGIS universe to fill in information left undisclosed by the game! Are there any plans to make more games set in the AEGIS Containment universe?

Thank you for this! It's really awesome to see that many people liked the game. There are plans for another game in the same universe but I won't say more :)

Cool, I'll keep an eye out! So hype!


The way the game builds up tension is just phenomenal...  I even died in an earlier level because I was genuinely scared. 


this is awsome


It was an interesting game and I really enjoyed it. I hated level 10 though. I watching another player's video on here in order to get passed it. After, it still didn't make much sense. Overall, it's a really cool, short action game.


very cool


This is great


i cant pass from floor six


yep i just hangs the player i am stuck there


I like how the game's name means: Disturbance


you gotta give me a tutorial on how to make games like this, this is exactly the art style i would use


Really enjoyed this, thanks for making and sharing it :) I'm too dumb to get past floor 10 but that's on me hah.


Awesome game!

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