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This game is absolutelly awesome

the mechanics, the combat, the lore, all well did

Keep doing awesome stuff

how do you get past floor 10 ive been trying for like 2-3 hours

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ok so i figured out how to escape the class five but when killing the third class four (i think its a class four) i die to the class five, what am i supposed to do here

Edit: so i got to the forth class four but once again the class five kills me after i kill the class four

Get gud

As soon as i kill last enemy on floor 10 it kills me.

bruh i cant get past lvl 10


how i thought it was made to be impossible

can you at least tell the ending to me

same im so close too

very cool

So this is MTF Nine Tailed Fox from SCP Containment Breach basically?

As soon as that FRB went off I turned and smashed the shoot button

Great game, I noticed there were alot of references(?) to the SCP Foundation which I like alot.

loved it


i won and died 2 many times in floor 10


nice game

Impressive !

el juego me gusto me dificulte mucho en pasarlo y también me gusto 10-103:NULL KELVIN


bro hit that ^w^ 💀

This game was really cool. I'm a sucker for anything reminiscent of the SCP foundation and this game definitely hit that. The simple controls made this game easy to understand and play and really allowed me to appreciate all of Spectre-8's dialogue. He definitely isn't getting paid enough for this shit.

how do you do floor 8?

I REALLY loved this! While the first game in this series is fairly simple, it sets the tone and pace for something bigger which is exactly what Null Kelvin nails. Meeting all the different UTs in containment and the hint at this world's deeper lore was my favorite part. I hope that we eventually get a sequel/full fledged game! :)

Nice game! The "run from the static" blood on the wall made me instantly afraid of the flickering. Fear by sound was awesome. Some bugs: when playing with ultra wide-screen you can see beyond the dark mask, and sometimes even the corridor on the other side of the wall. Also the elevator go down even if you hit "up" on your keyboard.

It is hard not to compare this to 10-103:NULL KELVIN. You improved in null kelvin in almost every way. The only thing that I prefer in this one is the way the credits roll. Congratulations!

LOVE the atmosphere! The background noises like flickering overhead lights, good stuff~. And those nice, meaty footsteps, MMMM!
Love the light spooky vibe too. Nice for folks like me who can't handle horror well, but still want to experience it to some extent. This is that horror ATMOSPHERE that I dig so much, without me getting jump scared. I like it~.

Excellent work.

About to play your next 10- game too, looking forward to it!

Nice game

amazing game. I loved this, and now Im going to play the second one.(If it is the second on lol.)

Saw this on Alpha Beta Gamer on Youtube and I just had to play. Good work, this is really great!

cool game, want more like this



Great game! Managed to beat without being able to have sound!

I'm loving the whole SCP world, so I gave this a try. It was really good - short but intense :3

If you want to watch it in german, than go for it :3 

Odličan koncept i tema, lagano za razumiti i odlično za igrati, preporučujem svima da igraju, kratka i jednostavna, zvučni efekti su odlični, sretno u daljnoj gradnji!


Loved the radio implementations

love it

Very atmospheric horror game,i liked idea with police codes,very unique 5\5

A very good game not gonna lie it has so much potential for example you could create more characters to have more histories creatures places facilities idk maybe a class D that has to survive a breach or odk but the game is great keep the good job :D

Loved the game, totally scared the fuck out of me. Played it again, had much more fun and got less scared.

That’s a very good game with perfect atmosphere and a unique mechanic. The radio sound design is on point and really pushes you to play the hardened special unit guy. Loved it, even though I got stuck at 10th floor like many people around. Gave up on 6th try :) Still, a very solid experience!


Thank you kindly for the comment! Coming from a veteran like you, it must mean I did something right :D

Your game totally inspired me making Nuclear Blaze, and hooked me into the SCP universe :) So yes, you did a great job capturing the feeling of survival horrors.

Oooh, something about your game did feel quite familiar, with the radio transmissions and the SCP stuff going on. I’m very happy and pleasantly surprised I could inspire you! Many thanks for the praise :)

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Your game & name are definitely in the credits ;) By the way, I used Nerdspartan for the name, is it ok for you?

Oh wow, that’s an honor! Yes, of course, Nerdspartan is fine for the name :) Thank you!

fun game

Specter 8 request backup. Specter 8 request backup. Of f*ck!


mind: they f*cking don't hear me


ghost: :>  zombie: :> me: oh f*ck  *shoots at zombie* . ghost: kills

How do u beat Floor 10


Go along, shoot first enemy, walk until static starts up.
Go back towards the lift and shoot the Spec Op dude. Walk a step or two past the barrel with the mug.
Turn around and go back the way you're supposed to and you should manage to get to the next enemy pretty much immiedately after the first DB you took down.

Thx but i did that


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U get a shout out

 how to 11 then?

Never mind


You good? XP

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