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Null Kelvin=absolute zero= -273°C (Celsius)

I am starting to think that the protagonist's name is 10-103

Yes! 10-103 is back!


I am not one who usually writes comments on games, but after multiple runs, I just had to share what I love about and the experiences I had with 10-103: Null Kelvin.

The gameplay change is drastic, from 10-103's slow pace, closer to the survival horror genre, to a faster, action-y style.

While some might not like the change in gameplay, I personally am addicted to it. I have no idea why, but run after run I did not grow tired of rolling under UT's deadly hug or under a necrotic's chest-spear thingy.

what I loved the most about the first 10-103 was its world: not much was told by the chatter between Specter 8 and Morpho, but by the environment. Null Kelvin is a huge leap forward. Its lore has enlarged massively and is starting to become really intriguing (more intriguing than SCP's in my really personal and biased opinion), with some really missable quips, such as the Specimen 19's description before and after opening the shutters.

After multiple completed runs, I still manage to find such quips; In a recent run, during the boss fight against the UT with the flares, I noticed the faint logo of Aegis with "Forward Containment Base" on it where the Osmosis Legion logo stood.

The environment itself is a huge step forward from its predecessor: It just looks better. I had some FPS issues on fullscreen during the outside scenes, but it's probably because of my shitty setup.

10-103 is the name of the game, and damn if those 10-103 were something. The different types of necrotic go hand in hand with the shift on the more action style of gameplay. It's a shame that Specimen 15's behavior wasn't expanded further, as I really liked the idea of a fast enemy who you had to constantly dodge.

Overall, 10-103: Null Kelvin is a huge step forward from its predecessor, and overall one of the best experiences I ever had on I'll assiduously wait for any new game from Nerdspartan.

p.s. real shame there's no discord server on this afaik. 

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Thank you, sincerely! I don’t know what to say, I’m very happy that you love the game so much and enjoy looking for small details I hid inside. I put a lot of efforts into this game, so it’s truly awesome to see players getting invested in it.

I had never thought of opening a Discord server; I don’t see the point for now, but maybe I’ll open one in the future. In the meantime, do not hesitate to DM me, my Discord ID is on my profile page, I’d be delighted!

There definitely are details, like you can open chutes in the crashed satellite where you can see several contained UTs, like the little black hole which the Osmosis was going for before the accident in their facility.

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absolute one up from the first game. Love the additions to gameplay with the variety of enemies and the roll mechanic. Hope we can continue to follow specter 8 in more of his badass adventures. 


Very cool game.  I liked the creature viewing areas, very neat.

Hey Nerdspartan, thanks so much for another ultra fun shooting game! I had a blast (quite literality). Since the first 10-103 I loved the sounds, the ambiance, the creatures, the gameplay... basically everything with these games! It was a perfect pixelated indie horror game, truly fun with all the references & puns here & there. I gotta say that I need more of your games, they are so unique! So happy to play another one of your creations, keep up the great work!


Thank you Aniizul! Glad to see you enjoying the game and picking up the little details :) More games to come!

this is pretty cool!

Good Game! I am wondering if you could give me any tips on how to use unity?

I like the game, it's similar to SCP

How do I get past the part with the flares?

Press down to past the fire include avoiding attacks from enemies

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Mr.Nerdspartan I NEED MORE!!! lol this was great!!

Absolutely loved everything about this game! At first I thought It wouldn't scare me but that changed quickly. Its the perfect balance of horror and combat and I love it! 10/10!

Thank you and great video! Loved seeing you get excited!

Nerdspartan took a well made original game and blew up *heh* such an amazing sequel that I cannot fathom SCP fans skipping out on this treasure. Clearly, aspiring game devs should look to this series as a case study to learn how to take good design concepts and run with them!

Thank you so much for the excellent video Hanabal, I loved every second of it! It’s always such a pleasure to watch someone being so excited and invested in the game. Super glad you enjoyed it!

Omg, a developer I love likes my video~~ Gonna crawl under my bed and die now k thx XD



Mr scp guy, this is nothing

This series has been great so far and this one oneups the first in every way. Similar to SCP but different enough to be it's own thing. Will be here to see its lore expanded upon. 

I love the sequel! The hulk guy deserves come huge credit for going in alone.

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good game i love it

stop begging for subscribers mate, we post actual feedback to the developers here. 
Fyi, begging ppl to help you just puts you off, so do the opposite. 

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oh wow nice reply, pretty much showed everyone your real personality. this is the type of youtuber you want to be? get criticized and make death wishes online.  cringe kid, first this is save screened, second im sending report to youtube about you just incase u think about content creator future, i'll teach you that making comments online can hunt you forever. but i'm not gonna stop there, next time think before u open your mouth, until next time Karen, stay frosty. 

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well you started it first learn how to respect people for who they are this is a free country if i want to tell people to like and subscribe i can. you don't have the right to tell someone not to beg like it's 2021 worry about your self not in mean way but in very beautiful white way :) and i reported you so stay frosty

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What an improvement!
Honestly, I was very surprised by this game. I remember playing the first game, which came out 6 months ago and I wished it was longer and I also recorded it for my channel. THIS GAME SHOWS MASSIVE IMPROVEMENTS!!

I loved the visual style, as always the pixelated 2D graphics and amazing character. The story was complicated, but I think it had enough to keep the tension going. At least at some point in the game, it was less complex and more easy to beat. 

Now, I do have some critique for the game. As, comparing to the first one, the game had much less scary element to it and more action. Not to mention, the sliding over the enemies, although really helpful, was kind of a cheat, because in the first game, you had no choice but to brute force your way out if the facility. I guess, some might enjoy more rational approach, like this one had, but, it just made the tensed environment seem escapable, when in the first game, I was literally hoping to get out alive. 
The shooting sound effect was weak, compare to the first one. It had less sound and heavy tall behind it, for example in the first game, the muzzle flash and sound effect was much better. I saw some playthroughs being above 20 minutes, but I completed it really quick, because the sliding cheat was too much of a privilege to avoid, basically I did not use the weapon at all. 

Overall, the environment and story is more expanded, it has deeper lore, as I presume, the computer code with the information, hinting at third game. I really want to see the third part of the game, but I hope you keep in mind the improvements and difficulty scale, because that's the only unbalanced thing in the game, the rest if perfect! 

Good Luck on your next project, hope to see it soon!

Thank you for the critique!

True, I didn’t try too much to balance the game difficulty since the gameplay is only secondary to the most important aspect of the game, which is roleplaying Specter 8.

As for the gun sounding weak, it’s because it is a small caliber submachine gun with a silencer.

I’m happy you enjoyed the game beyond these observations, and hope to see you around for my next games!

I did really enjoy the game. I played it 3 times, just to soak everything, the content, little details of SCP's and overall, as I said, the game is just so immersive and fun, but compare to first, it's less of a struggle and more of an escape route thing. I get it about the gun, it's supposed to be more stealth, now I understand, 
I am really looking forward for your next project. Cheers! Good Luck! 


Of course! Honestly, huge thanks for your investment in my games! I understand how you feel about the balance, and you’re completely right. It’s something I’ll be more cautious about in the future :) Many thanks for playing and for the review!

or girl-bro


Might as well edit your first message and put this in it.

noice game bro

Loved it! Great atmosphere, loved how you built up the tension and introduced new mechanics as you went along. 


Pretty good game. Short and horrifying, you out done yourself, and developing of the man know as specter 8, by not saying #@$% when he sees a zombie that shows that he isn't scarred anymore of the scps then he was before, ability of rolling that shows that he trained when we last saw him and the saluting of the medic and the soldier, showing that he either got promoted to the rank of general or simmerer, or highly respected man for his merit. I like to see some more horrifying adventures with specter 8. I would  like that you make it a litter bit more bigger game than moving left to right, throw this, shot that, do a barrel roll, but I know I am asking to much from a indie dev. But still good luck at your adventure  as a game developer. 


Love when Specter shooed away the bunny at the start haha

me too


Can I say I love how you really go along with the "Show don't Tell" aspect of story telling regarding Spectre 8? That last shove at the end of the game said a lot about him, not to mention all the little missable quips about how sleeping with a Tau type is for degenerates?

It makes me happy when people pick up these small details and try to piece out information from them :) So thank you.


We can only hope some Tau personnel will be featured in the next game


This game was fun, I got waxed in the end but i still enjoyed it. Good job.

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Good game. It's a little short, but good.  Congrats on the work.


Mildly pleased with myself that I managed to find the password for the computer on a second playthrough. Amazing little game! I would totally buy a full-length game starring Specter-8 and Morpho.

Hey, I would like to see an entire squad


You had my interest, now you´ve got my attention


This is awesome thank you for the game I do not like SCp stuff but this was great

SPOILER: is there a way to find the code for the computer?

Thanks for playing! Yes, the password is written somewhere in the facility in plain sight ;)

the fact that i knew where it was i even looked at where it was and yet paid no attention to it is hilarious. well played!

10-22 the password i found isnt the correct one

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great again lol


i love how i shoved the paramedic away from me


I have seen the first game as a review on ABG channel and man, am I SO GLAD that you have made a sequel to 10-103, there is just something about these games, its captivating atmosphere is just awesome, this sequel is even better than the first one, huge aspect is those radio conversations, lovely work Nerdspartan!

Thank you, I’m honestly very glad you like these games. The sequel took a lot of efforts, and comments like yours really help me stay motivated.


just finished the game, f for the specimens that were in the blast radius


It's wonderful to play new 10-103.

I look forward more 10-103 series ^_^


Consult a medic before engaging in private affairs with type Tau personnels  

Sp- 08 : 

LOL Very accurate!


Nice to see Specter-8 and Operator Morpho back in action! I’m going to have to revise my lore document to fit with what I’ve learned in this one. It’s gonna be good. Thanks once again for another great game!

Thanks! Glad you liked their latest mission! Good luck with the lore ;)

With the computer I have not only been hyped for possible future games on this series but also the lore itself as that computer really pieced it all together, sadly I cannot say how without spoiling anything so ;)

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