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You should make Another 10-103 Game!


the perfect game i love it so much

Played the first game and I absolutely loved it! It was included in a video I made containing 3 games from the Scream FM Horror Jam way back when. Sadly, I've been missing out on this gem for a whole 2 months, but I am more than happy to say that this is a perfect sequel as it expands upon the universe you created in a fantastic way!

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This sequel is fun and i loved it but im confused on what to do with the input on the computer can someone help out?


Back with my boy. Specter 8 is my Man Crush Monday every day. Absolute King.

Truly and amazing game, excited to see a possible sequel or series.


I Loved the original and this is even better, rolling is kind of broken though. but it doesn't stop this from being a masterpiece.
(P.S.  Is it legal to make, like fangames of this? If not, I would LOVE to be on the team for these games as a graphic designer.)


Thank you! You can make fan content if you want, naturally.

do more games in "10-103" universe like "10-103 the return" or something, your games are atmospheric and scary

Hey Nerdspartan, I got a idea for a new game possibly in the style of Kelvin, if you want to contact me, please do it through my email or discord which is on my profile page, thanks!

I REALLY loved this! While the first game in this series is fairly simple, it sets the tone and pace for something bigger which is exactly what Null Kelvin nails. Meeting all the different UTs in containment and the hint at this world's deeper lore was my favorite part. I hope that we eventually get a sequel/full fledged game! :)


Well i cant explore the other floors or it takes too much time to go down to the second floor in the beggining of the game.

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This is pretty much a solid sequel from 10-103,  but there is some pros and cons from this game from my perspective.


What i love to bits is the attention to detail and the neat secrets, i missed some on the first playthrough, and one of em is pretty funny if you found it. Please add more interactables and secrets if you're continuing the series :)

The combat is solid just like the first game. If there was another 10-103 game, i would suggest more weapons in variety with pros and cons and more challenging combat situation that requires you to use wits and preemptive strikes/advantages.
And also make bullets scarce for more survival horror feeling or don't.

The story and lore is pretty SCPesque and kinda deep for this kind of game, and the second one pretty much expands the lore. Keep it up.

Cons (This is pretty much nitpicking and how would i make it more enjoyable for myself)

My biggest complaint is the movement. No, not the running. Rolling.

It's broken and i don't like it, the invulnerability makes you pretty much speedruns the game and makes the objective laughably easy. Didn't even died once after i found out how broken it was. I would make rolling/evading have a recovery time or enemies would straight up punish you for excessive rolling.

Second issue is how Morpho and Specter-8 interacts, there should be either punishing the player for not reporting the current situation or straight up giving advantages for the player. And also add more interactions or lore with Morpho pls :)

My final complaint is too linear. While sure the game is linear in the first place, but with different ways to complete the objectives and possibly endings the game would be an absolute polished gem.

I got two takes, one is if the player is messy or not doing the procedures there would be consequences or a bad ending. And you are rewarded for strategizing how to enter a facility well equipped and informed for the situation.

OR straight up make Specter 8 went FUBAR and joined the Legion.

That is all for me, i would love a trilogy nerdspartan :)


Excellent game! I agree with another commenter that spamming rolls is a bit of a "cheese" strategy. In the section where you had to fight through a bunch of enemies to get back to the surface, I was able to just ignore every enemy by rolling through them.

Another thing I would've liked to see is being able to roll forward while stationary. Often, I would be shooting something, it would come close, then I would press down to try and roll through it. But then I forget I have to be moving to roll and stand there foolishly  while something rips apart my entrails. It just felt awkward having to press two things to dodge.

Other than that, the art style is great and you do a good job of not over-explaining the situation, leaving a decent amount to player imagination. 

Fans of SCP will love this!

Yo, this is amazing, just wondering: is 10-103 the first part and this is the sequel or a remake?

Nvm, I've just played it :v

The sequel, not a remake or a prequel.

The first one is ok, i played it, it was fun, but null kelvin is a masterpiece! You really expanded on the existing mechanics, and added a lot more! It is amazing!


Pls pls pls make some more l LOVE theze types of games and ur games rock!

I loved it, good job pal

your games are fantastic

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I really enjoyed this, was brilliant! Thanks for making it and sharing with us, really hope you'll make more of the series! :))

I hope you make much more of these type of games  really loved it. 

Deleted 2 years ago

ignore dead bodies

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Visually the game looking nice, i liked the way it started because it built a bit of tension of the unknown before entering the facility but after that lack of story, also many hallways where the monsters appear, fighting them is optional because honestly all you can do is 'roll'  until you reach the next door and press E and you basically invulnerable. i also was spamming roll the all time because it was faster than actually pressing Shift to run, so you might want to add a Stamina bar so Rolling to dodge/wont be optional and then it might eliminate the ignore the monsters by rolling because if you out of rolling, running into them will still kill you.  but ya storywise, no info on monster, nothing really matters other than get in, tell them what number escaped and get out. nice idea with the 'boss fight tho'.

thank you for the experience.


Thank you, I appreciate the helpful criticism. I’ll try to make gameplay more appealing in the future.

No thank you for taking the time to read my words, i hope to see you grow in the future and i wish you success.

No info on the monsters? Hehe, now I know you didn't really focus on the details.

True, there is not a lot of info over the anomalies, but in the crashed space station you can open some pods and in the facility, you see posters, those posters tell you something about several anomalies or UT's in this case.

And in the crashed space station here is one UT which the Osmosis was going for, the black hole ball. And there are a bunch of other UT's. That might explain why they built an entire facility near it.

Kinda sad Subject 12 girl gets zeroed along with the crashed module tho. Those hell dogs' cry when dies too, telling that they also have feelings. Anyway, I played it, and it's amazing and want more of this awesome tactical horror!

They don't have rights, their feelings don't count.

-Literally the SCP Foundation

10-103 looks EPIC. Is another one in the works?

-Game reviewer

and i thought that the first 1 was good,this game bassicly takes the first game and deletes all of the bad things in it.The movement got a hella big extension and there is also enemy variaty.So there are 2 types of boss fights the "omg that was so easy and boring" and the "holy fuck that was awesome"the boss was the second one.The game also never feels unfair,the deaths here are also alot more brutal then the first games.The ending also makes you feel like a god,everybody is saluting you while your limping with a broken arm to the helicopter.The only bad the thing i have to say is that the explosive in the boss fight takes wayyy to long to explode.Overall an amazing expirience

It's Orbital Gauss Howitzer. the rod takes time to travel from platform down to target on Earth.

The game was great and a good sequel to the first game! The visuals were really good and the sound design was also well done! Everything looked and felt great! The improvement in combat was also well done and the way you used it to make the final boss fight was challenging in a really fun way! The story that's unfolding is really, really interesting and the monsters you showed really adds to both the environment and also the overall story and mystery of the whole game's universe. It was a great game and had so much fun to play! Just as fun as the first game! Super nice to see how you've improved the game and more! Good luck for future projects and looking forward to more.

Thank you kindly! Happy you enjoyed the game, and good work with the video, very fun to watch and well edited!

Is the Type ALPHA entry supposed to look like a face?


There could be an icon when you have something interesting to report, so you don't have to worry with those "nothing to report" or repeated messages. Other than that really great game!

This was a lot of fun and the scares were really well done! It did a good job of keeping me on my toes! 

Found a glitch where you fall through the ground after descending that hill of snow, following the third dog.


this was SO COOL. a nice little 2d scp type ordeal

You can open chutes in the crashed satellite if you turned it back online. All of them have some sort of reference, the naked (I think) woman in the first one is referred to later in the unknown facility on a poster with a naked demon-cow-woman.

There is a skull that reminds me of SCP-1123. There is a bottle of cola that reminds me of SCP-207, but it flashes, so there must be more going on there. Those red dogs remind me of SCP-939. There is a tiny Earth.

And there are those scary eyes, I first noticed them from the game files XD 

There are also references to the last game(the first 10-103), and those are the cups, which you can break by shooting at them. 

I have yet to figure out/find the code for the computer.

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while running from the UT and fighting necroids look for a poster with circles


wow the first was great but this is AMAZING. Its a lot more cinematic and challenging than the first game and in the end i almost thought Spectre 8 was never found or was abandoned because the helicopters coudnt find him, that would make a sad ending but im glad he is still alive, hope they give him another promotion


You are onto something with these games, as long as you have ideas and still have drive to make them, I'd love to see more of 10-103.


killing it, this needs to continue, you are blowing up some big horror youtubers are playing this now.  You need to move forward you might have just created something big and its amazing to watch unfold. Good Luck 

Igrica je i više od odlične, sve mi se dopalo, tema i koncepcija, svaka čast i sretno u gradnji ostalih igrica


Thank you, my croatian friend!

Where can you find the code?


It's outlined on a wall. The code is pointed to with arrows and circled.

Wait, is that wall in the weird facility or the satellite?

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I thought the first game was just a stand-alone gem, but now you've brought a whole bag of jewels. I do look forward to multiple sequels and if you like creative story-telling, I would be happy to be a consultant on helping establish something big. 



Easier than the first 10-103, here you can dodge and run

Congrats! Very good game :) Gameplay is pretty smooth, design works well we understand what we have to do, how to defeat enemies, it all works well. The atmosphere is amazing too, many details in the environment, the animations: good job!!

One little thing though, I got stuck for few minutes right after the dog/creature sneak into the hole. I didn't understand what I had to do so, I had to go to YouTube to find the solution actually^^ Well, it wasn't hard so maybe I'm an exception but I would have appreciated a little extra hint in the game to help :)

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"Press E to interact"

Actually in this case you had to turn on a generator-esque thing, that was tiny little problem when I played too

Thank you so much!

Yes, my bad about that issue, I originally showed a prompt to use the radio at that moment but it disappeared inexplicably at some point in the production and I didn’t realize it.

I’ll be more careful about these problems in the future ;)

The second time I played through, I found a bug where I fell through the floor in the scene following the one where you first see specimen 3


That was very fun!

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